I really fancy a rolo

On a whim, I bought a 4 pack of rolos, but that was last week. I was surprised by how short they’d got! Proper shrunk.

Sat here, I really fancy a rolo. I had a rolo earlier you see, only 2, the end of tube 3.

4 – 3 = 1


But no rolos in my cupboard and no rolos in my lunch box.

I’ve got some peanut M&Ms but I’ve just had one and I’ve gone off them now, it turns out. Way too sweet. Gonna need to gargle bleach to get rid of this taste from my mouth.

I really fancy a rolo.

I’m sat here cursing the fact that I’ve already eaten it.

In the time it’s taken me to work out the category of this whinge and tag it, I think I’ve remembered what I did with rolo tube 4 — I gave it to Shaun!

Damn it!

I guess my answer to rolos’ question of whether I give away my last one has to be a resentful yes.

Tomos James