A long weekend refusing to drive, and so arriving late

August bank holiday means Victorious Festival, which means I can’t park the car if I move it. So Thursday night, I found a parking space and left the car there until this morning. I figured I could walk everywhere, it would be novel.

On Friday afternoon I met up with Shaun, Myles, and the rest of the family, down Eastney beach. 20 minute walk in my head, 30 minutes later… After eventually arriving, I went paddling with Myles, and then went paddle boarding and fell in. After losing interest, we had a BBQ. I was very sleepy when I got home.

On Saturday, I had every intention of going into town but I woke up late and I don’t go to town after 10am if I can help it. I like town when it opens. Failing that, it’s opening hour. I can’t quite recall what I did Saturday… Um… Oh! That’s it! I went to the allotment with Shaun and Myles. Got picked up at Tescos. Arrived 5 minutes late.

On Sunday, I was in town by 1017. Apparently, tills don’t open until 1030. Well, that didn’t bother me — BAM! BAM! Done! Walking home by 1045. The most impressive thing about it: got most of what I needed.

I spent the rest of my bank holiday watching movies.

I will say, the wind was favourable all weekend, unlike last year. I heard the odd beat and bass, the odd warble, but it was as if Victorious wasn’t even there. Even the mass exodus at 11pm was more dribble than flood.


Tomos James