The sun is shining and it’s migraine time

No balance.

Headache, but can’t do anything about that because:


Putting my poorly masked hostility aside, this is the first proper migraine since before Easter. Oh, there have been little ones here and there but nothing like this bastard.

It all started with funny eyes last Thursday, the joke apparently me. Funny eyes need glasses to see the laptop. I gave the comedians their poxy glasses. Everyone was happy until Monday when, while looking through a magnifier, the whole world went for a spin. It’s been that ever since.

The good news, this is the first since before Easter when they were pretty much weekly. By my calculations, Easter was a little tad more than a week ago.

Like 8.

Get in!

I’d celebrate if I could stand but I can’t, so if you get the chance, and I think you should make this a priority, please celebrate for me.

Tomos James