A weekend in charge of the allotment

The two Chief Allotmenters, Shaun & Myles, are currently on their jollies leaving lowly old me in charge. There’s going to be dead onions or murdered marrows — something is bound to happen.

Anyway, before I know the damage of what I’ve done, I weeded, watered, and planted courgettes.

I find weeding is thankless, watering I don’t mind, and courgettes are rank. I quite like planting. (That reminds me, I need to re-pot my spider plant.)

I know my courgette planting ended up with skewered footage. They’re meant to be about three foot apart and I hope they can’t measure stuff.

But other than that, the allotment will get handed back alive. If all the veg is dead it will have weeds.

Tomos James