A long weekend for a tardy Easter

I don’t like a late Easter.

I like Easter in late March / early April, when it should be, when I start thinking that I need a 4-day weekend for a bunny.

As an apology for being late, I’m glad to see the weekend was warm.

Friday cracked out the shorts, ate a Toby Carvery breakfast with Jackie, mooched around town, and got distracted with car insurance shopping.

(It’s been nearly a year since old Bertie and I got together!)

Saturday got sunned on the Common, rolled down the ramparts near the Garrison Church with Jackie, watered the allotment, and had a BBQ with Shaun, Myles, mum & co. I injured my hand either rolling down the hill or while watering. If you’ve ever seen how steep the ramparts are, I wasn’t graceful.

Sunday got birthday cake at a 4-year-olds party, took a 5-year-old Captain on a paddle-board cruise around Portscreek, and got fed by the in-laws after an easter egg hunt. I successfully negotiated a 4 and a 3-year-old into sharing a hand towel, and on the creek, I was forced to walk the plank. I got removed from egg hiding duty because apparently, I’m crap.

Monday got on the sofa and barely moved.

I’m all ready for work. I’m no where near willing for bed. It’s been a very hectic weekend full of fun things.

I don’t know how I’m going to cope until the next bank holiday…

Tomos James


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