A weekend to Barth

‘Cause I’z filthy

To pep up a slightly flat few months, Kayte and I decided that visiting a spa in Bath could only do us wonders. I’ve never been to a spa before so this was going to be new.

It all started Friday with a rather tense drive to Bath. I got on the M27, surrounded by lorries, and ended up on edge. (They’re not the nicest things to drive beside.)

Once (finally) in Bath, I got to enjoy the architecture whilst crawling through the centre. It’s very cream and very nice. It rained a little and stayed very cream and very nice. I got reminded of Edinburgh, when it rained on all that grey stone and got depressing. Bath’s a lot like that but cheery.

Kayte soon arrived (and parked unwittingly 3 doors down from me) and we checked into the hotel and got ourselves to the spa.

I didn’t know what to expect so I couldn’t be too disappointed.

The loaned robe was not flattering.

The outdoor rooftop naturally heated pool was like getting into a bath. It was glorious. I would speak about the views but I didn’t see any, I was too busy with my little float trying to bob in a bath in Bath.

The steam rooms were steamy and palatable for about 10-minutes, after that I was all steamed out.

The ice room I didn’t really get. I was sort of expecting like a plunge pool but it was a steamy room with a big bowl of crushed ice. From what I read, you rub yourself in it. I thought I’d leave that for another visit.

We did find this one room that was all cosmic, with twinkling stars in the ceiling and a movie showing Hubble’s highlights. That room was boring. It could’ve been good but it didn’t seem to do anything other than show me pictures I’d seen before.

The basement pool, with its lazy river, was improved by the lazy river. A very boring pool, especially when compared with the bath upstairs.

I will say, the Thermae changing-room/shower set-up is odd. They’re on different floors. Very strange.

And then that was that.

Our spa-sess was done.

We whiled away the rest of the evening in a rather nice restaurant that had a live band.

I went to bed astonished with the softness of my skin.

Kayte was right, a spa was needed. I’d go again in a heartbeat! I’d go weekly if it was financially viable, but I couldn’t even go monthly on my wage, or any wage — I’d have to be rich, like big bucks rich. Until then, spa’ing shall have to be one of those ‘special’ treats that’ll crop up once in a while.

Tomos James