A weekend briefly in Myles’ doghouse

For a 4-year-old, his doghouse is cold!

On Saturday morning, at the allotment, the worms needed new homes so Myles and I dug holes for them.

After the worms were suitably rehomed, we helped daddy reframe a few plots.

We quickly got bored and decided to explore the allotment.

It was whilst discovering a new shortcut back to where we started that we got separated by a shed.

By the time I caught up with Myles, I was in the doghouse. The kid wouldn’t look at me, he wouldn’t even speak.

Soon enough, it was time to go home and I was still in the doghouse. Death glances I kept catching. I got told that I was still his best friend, but… but then he mumbled.

I went home scratching my head because I wasn’t 100% on what I’d done.

Like a middle finger to the roadworks, I got in. Living down in Southsea I’m currently a little sick of roadworks because I’m surrounded by them.

With lunch getting rustled up, I remembered that Myles had asked me to text his mum to arrange a playdate before he slung me out like a hound. I thought I shouldn’t compound the issue and did as we’d agreed.

2-hours later I was back with Myles. Apparently, my text to mum prompted a conversation that made him demand that our playdate was NOW.

Since I know his father, I expected to still be in the doghouse by the time I arrived but I wasn’t. I was actually allowed into the main house.

It turns out, I was thrown in the doghouse because when we were exploring, I was following. When we got separated, I’d stopped following. This meant that I wasn’t there when he fell over.


I didn’t know any of that.

I said that I was really sorry and he said that it was fine.

The rest of the afternoon was spent being superhero cars. We then went to the park where I got roped into playing tag with these friends he’d made. I didn’t understand the rules, totally different from my time. Now, if you form the letter T with your hands, that’s ‘safety’ no matter where you are!

We ended our playdate with what we thought was a strawberry lollypop but it turned out to be cherry. Yuck.

And that was me in Myles’ doghouse. It was a brief stay but bitterly cold.

Sunday was nowhere near as exciting.

I did my monthly car checks for the 2nd month on the trot, and besides buying some new towels, got nothing else to report.

Tomos James


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