In finger news…

‘Cause of that damn spider on Saturday my poor little pinky still looks deformed ’cause it’s bloated between 2 knuckles and looks like a balloon on top. It’s also a touch flushed, stingy and itchy still. The one thing it isn’t doing, other than being better, is driving me up the fucking wall!

I’m going to take all this as good news and declare:


Now that I’ve typed that, my pinky would like the world to know that yes, it is indeed getting better, but it’s being a bitch about it. It asks, Why go quietly when you can make a prick curse your name?

Personally, I think my pinky raises a fair point.

I disagree on the basis that it’s happening to me, but for any other prick, it’s exactly what I would do. Show it I ain’t impressed with whatever this *wavy finger up and down their body* is meant to be.

Tomos James