A weekend of mild success

Usually, when I’m with Kayte we don’t achieve. We have every intention but one thing soon leads to excuses and we get nowhere. We have to book or be so committed our excuses suck to get places. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

This weekend, with Kayte’s visit, we booked cinema tickets. Having taken out a small loan we were suitably impelled and made an afternoon of it. A gentle stroll along the seafront, a drink in Spice Iceland, a peruse around the shops in Gunwharf Quays.

The film was The Favourite starring Olivia Colman as Queen Anne. Of The Favourite, my favourite part was the ending when the screen went black and names started to roll. I thought it roughly 119-minutes too long. And Olivia wants to buck up her ideas because if she undermines Claire Foy’s work as the Queen in The Crown I won’t be amused.

Afterwards, we had food at Wagamama’s. It’s an oriental-infused establishment with strange policies. Apparently, because they pride themselves on fresh food your order will come when it comes. Kayte got halfway through her plate before mine arrived, and then mine wasn’t very nice. I won’t be going back.

With Kayte gone home, Shaun and Myles had a rabbit hutch to finish building. Unfortunately, penguins got in the garage and kept stealing the screws! And then it was lunchtime and none of us could be bothered. WE DID catch a criminal car using the train tracks as getaway routes. We nabbed them good.

So in all, a mildly successful weekend.

Tomos James