A weekend, the first of 2019

It was fucking cold. When with heating, it was fucking hot. And it went too quick.

It’s true, when it comes to temperature, I’m inclined to overreact. I’m not as fat as I used to be, and I no longer walk in and out of mortuaries all day long, and sometimes it’s the only thing I have to moan about. Okay, it’s the only thing I want to moan about. There’s a lot of things I just can’t be bothered. Being too hot or cold, now I can get behind that shit all day long! Never lose interest. If too cold, also keeps me warm — all that flapping and fussing.

I had every intention of spritzing my flat for 2019 and could’ve had I not been an icicle and had 6-hours not vanished per sneeze.

Before Saturday and Sunday got gone, there was Friday and an afternoon trip to the park with Myles. We wore the same shoes and coats and hopped onto our scooters (I borrowed mummies). After a little practice (for me) we were the Express Train to the Zipline via Bear Hideout. (The scooters clacked on the pavement = train. The Bear Hideout is this tree/bush hole place where the bear lives.) En route, we got chased by a bear and got waylaid watching the bigger kids doing wheelies on their bikes.

To get to our final destination, the Zipline, we had to detour via these mounds that are designed for bikes but are perfect for scooters, too. We caused no end of delay because scooters can’t scoot quick in mud.

We were no longer trains the moment we entered the park proper. We were pirates very briefly, and then Myles saw some of his nursery friends and I could have a rest.

I’m not certain if he was meant to have climbed that tree, but he didn’t go too high and it was to warn the squirrel that a bear was nearby. I didn’t see much of problem since he climbs higher on the monkey bars and he was doing his civic duty.

It took a bit of convincing for us to leave for home. There was a dad with 2 boys on scooters. We had scooters. Let’s all scoot together! So we did. Around and around until the sun went down.

We got in about 5 minutes before the search-party arrived, and just in time for supper.

Tomos James