A weekend not in Wales

This is my 2nd weekend in Wales in 2 months that I’ve spent in England. Some might think that I don’t want to visit my parents. And it’s true, last month they didn’t want me. One had a TV being delivered, the other antibiotics.

For this month, with it being so close to Christmas, they wanted me. No parental excuses. None.

“So, pray tell!”

This weekends excuse, was…


And the crowd goes wild!

I didn’t think it prudent to drive.

Had it been an old-school migraine, with vertigo I only suffer standing, then maybe I would’ve gone. Throw in crippling nausea, probably not. I don’t know, I don’t get old-school migraines any more. I get all that + brain-freeze on the eyeball. And apparently, that’s called ‘progression’. That’s called ‘being an adult and not living in the past’. Personally, I think it sucks.

Tomos James