Brain freeze migraine (with vertigo sprinkles)

Maybe I was too smug.

Maybe, because my migraines weren’t headache-aches, I rubbed it in. This past year, I do remember throwing lots of parties. Here’s me thinking I was celebrating friends when maybe I was gloating.

A little shit, see.

Deserve it.

Or maybe, this is just a development. When once my migraines were painless or with slight twinge, now there’s full-blown surgery going on behind my fucking eye! Left eye, predominately — it goes to my right occasionally, but I suspect that’s in boredom. 

“Scalpel!” Shouts Mr Migraine, consultant surgeon.

He’s handed a room temperature scalpel that just will not do. 

“A FROZEN ONE!” He bellows and he’s handed one fresh out of a nitrogen cannister. 

“Better,” he says and gets to work.

That’s how I think these migraines replicate brain freeze on the optical nerve.

Once surgery is done, the residual pain is numbing. I can’t decide (because I can’t think) if my left temple/eye area feels like a dead-leg or really cold. 

Of course, in amongst all this surgery, I’m aboard the Royal Yacht. There’s nothing like palatial spaces for places to lose balance.

Looks a lot like a dive.

Not only are the servants rude, my quarters are cramped and the decor is dated. And I found the Christmas tree behind the telly, for gods sake! They say it’s due to ‘space restrictions’ but I say, to hell! One should be able to trip over the tree, it’s Christmas!


But I suppose I should feel honoured.

The plus side, I’m not that nauseous this migraine episode. I’m a little around the edges, but unless vertigo really hits I’m okay. I think this is an important note because 2 weeks ago I was crippled with it. 2 weeks ago I lost my shit with Natwest. I haven’t lost my shit since. 2 weeks ago, was that a migraine sick with rage?

I took a migraine tablet today, one for headaches, and I agree — it numbed the excruciating pain. But in numbing said headache it gave excruciating heartburn, and if that’s honestly the choice then I choose headache any day.

Got the doctors next Wednesday. For my GP, that’s being seen on the day of the call.

I predict that I won’t have a migraine on Wednesday, because why would I? Why would it make itself easy to explain?

To cut what could turn into a nothingness-rant short, I loathe these migraines more than I loathed them before.

I’m not a particularly happy rabbit.

Tomos James