A weekend of IT’S CHRISTMAS (so soon)!!!

It seems to be coming around quicker every year, Christmas. 

I suspect, having recently been enlightened on the conspiracy surrounding fluoride, that we’re being lied to. It won’t take much digging by a perfectly focused snooper to discover that the months are being shortened, if not erased entirely, by our governments and big corporations. 

WHY?! I hear you scream!

Money and power. It is a post in itself to even briefly outline the depths these scumbags will stoop to keep us bowing. 

I ask you, do you remember July? 

It never happened. 

Sure, it still appears in calendars and people had birthdays, but it’s all smoke and mirrors, baby. It’s what they want us to believe. Keep us down, see. Toe the line.

So as to not arouse suspicion, I Christmas-spritzed the flat on Saturday and whittled down that present list on Sunday. 

That’ll trick ‘em calendar-changing scumbags!

Tomos James