A weekend that ended much better than it started

It started with day 9 of the same damn vertigo migraine episode — day 9! Ffs, taking the piss! It’s supposed to be 7 days and it fucks off! I don’t handle these migraines well, especially when they’ve been set off because I lost my shit with Natwest. 

After a week of attempting work and mostly failing, I decided after I failed on Thursday to write off Friday. I was like, it ain’t happening — no point trying. May as well just sit in the dark all day (again) and feel like fucking shit, which is what I did. 

On day 10, otherwise known as Saturday, I couldn’t cope. The migraine had abated somewhat but now I had a cough, a runny nose. It was just too much. A cold is fine but it’s only polite to let me feel alright for one day before setting up home. 

On day 11 (Sunday), both the cold and migraine were gone. Alright, ‘gone’ for a migraine is a subjective word, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t overcome.

This was my first win.

My second, which brings a smile to my face, was meeting up with Shaun and Myles. We watched Scooby-Doo, made a train track — mum returned — we had a roast. It was good old-fashioned quality time with my boys, much needed what with life.

Tomos James