Thrilling half-hour


I haven’t had one of these since for ages.

I remember them to be adventure-filled in childhood.

Initially, I thought it was the fusebox since that likes to trip when it’s bored. But no, outside the window was utter darkness.

Eerie, walking along the streets. Street after street. Cars going by. No lights. Palmerston Road was a throng of conspiracies — “hackers! I said they’d get us… / solar flares! / EMP…?”

I took a photo of the Common but you can’t see anything.

I managed this of the moon:

And the strangest thing about it, NO SIGNAL! 

Surreal. Not the no signal bit, that was bliss. But the eerie spookiness of Portsmouth without the lights. Shows how accustomed I am to them.

I get home, light the last tea light, POWER RESTORED!

(Feels like) 30-minutes later, wifi is back and everything’s back to normal.

According to Twitter, a good slice of Portsmouth went dark. SSE (the power company) are still trying to resolve the issue. In recent statements, the Council has damned SSE for their patchy coverage.

Tomos James