A long weekend of dramatic scenery

Calling the Jurassic Coast ‘dramatic’ really doesn’t give a sense of just how dramatic it is. If it were a person it would be crowned — MOVE OVER LIZZIE! REAL ROYALTY HERE!

There’s a view that it’s dramatic just because it can.

Jagged cliffs, crashing waves — a seagull doing somersaults in the wind.

It’s a little too impressive.

A show-off.

It could afford to tone it down a touch and still be ravishing.


Rather off the hoof, Kayte decided a weekend away would do us good — I was inclined to agree because I like weekends away — so that’s what got planned.

2 nights on the Jurassic Coast, Airbnb.

I finished work on Friday and drove to Bridport with the wind howling a gale. I was armed with sat-nav, tunes, and the sheer thrill of driving a car.

It quickly became apparent that I DO NOT like driving in the wind. I don’t like the wind at the best of times — mussing my hair, for what? And when driving, when it’s physically shoving my car sideways, no thanks! I have a hard enough time keeping within my lane as it is.

Our flat was very nice. It was in the centre of Bridport but you wouldn’t have known it. Well appointed. It had everything we didn’t know we’d need. It didn’t have a few things that we did need, like a baking tray, but we’re British and know how to carry on.

I did think the posh duvet cover was a bit like sleeping in a carrier bag. Warmer, of course, but rustle-rustle-rustle.

We filled Friday night by going backwards and forwards (in the lashing rain) to the shop because we’d forgot stuff.

Saturday started as most Saturdays, with breakfast. After a hearty meal, we headed on a jolly through the countryside to the seafront. We took the scenic route, via public houses.


The roar of the waves is what we heard first.

The sheer drama is what we saw next.

A roiling sea placating vast walls of rock.

Steep pathways winding up high, so very high — a little too high for my liking — sheer drop beneath.

It was breath-taking. A little from a healthy weariness of heights, and a lot from awe. There’s was a lot of awe. I need to go back so I can take something else in.

Sunday saw us depart.

I have to say, the A31: 👍 — the first time I’ve driven on it in both directions, no delays whatsoever. It can do that again.

All in all, not a shabby weekend — it happened in a nice place with nice company, doing nice things.

The only thing that’s negative that I have to say: I didn’t see a dinosaur. I did kind’a assume the Jurassic Coast would be a bit like Jurassic Park. I’m told birds are descendants of dinosaurs, but I’ve seen seagulls. I know pigeons. I’ve even made friends with a parrot.

Woo! Maybe next time, fossil hunting — now that would be cool. I wouldn’t mind finding me a fossil that I can keep forever and ever! Okay, that’s what I’m gonna do…


[It’s taken me until Wednesday to write this post because I wanted it to be dramatic. Instead of dramatic, I made it complicated — it got a little away with itself. ‘Outlandish’ is probably the best word. So I had to press delete, STEP AWAY, and we’re now Wednesday and If I don’t say something today it’ll be next weekend and pointless, and that shit snowballs.]

Tomos James