A weekend of 2 halves

On the one side, I was resting a migraine.

On the other, my main man Myles’ 4th birthday party!!!

Saturday saw me catch up with all my series’ since moving was vetoed.

Sunday saw my first (by car) visit to Lidl, followed by a 4-year-olds birthday party!

I couldn’t find everything I had to get in Lidl, and I forgot a few things, so I ended up in Tesco. I’ve been to Tesco before, I can park there. In Lidl, I ended up on the curb. In hindsight, I should’ve reversed out of my spot straightways for a bit, and I would’ve (probably) if another car hadn’t wanted my space.

The weather tried its hardest to ruin proceedings but it underestimated the determination of toddlers. Absolute madhouse! There were children everywhere! It seemed they were all playing individually but together — rushing here, wanting that, arguing — a tantrum. Laughing. More running — Ooo, what’s this?

After getting rather overwhelmed in the living room, I learnt to keep myself in the kitchen.

Once home, I opened my party bag, ate my cake, and got back to resting that migraine.

Tomos James