A week of migraines (I know how to live)

This past week’s vertigo migraine was likely born of excess because I haven’t noticed any stress around. A little party here — one over there — it’s no stretch to see how a miserable migraine won’t like it. Perish the thought of having fun.

Sickness and underwater vision. Dizziness on a tightrope. It’s such a worthy way to while away a working week…

On Monday, I gave up on toil and went home.

On Tuesday, with it being Myles’ birthday, I was determined to survive. I dosed myself up on sick pills and suffered them worse.

On Wednesday, I tried to reason with the sickness and got vaguely fighting fit.

On Thursday, reasoning failed so I gave up and went home.

On Friday, I lasted 15 minutes. 10 of those I spent bemoaning how shit I felt.

On Saturday, I barely moved from the sofa.

Through this latest bout, the unreasonable nausea has been my main focus. It’s so unreasonable, and so very first, that it makes me think that these vertigo migraines may not be as they seem. Instead of vertigo getting nausea, I get nausea getting vertigo. It makes me suspect that I’ve a slightly irritable bowel inside me. I’m quite an irritating person by nature so my bowel having an issue isn’t that much of a stretch.

I see a doctor’s visit in my future.

Tomos James