I don’t know why I bother searching

I don’t know why I bother
I only lose my mind
Every single time I search for the things I need to find
I convince myself I’m certain
I do know where they are!
I tingle-bone ‘cause I do know they haven’t wandered far

But they’re never where I put them
They’re never where they’re kept
They’re never even with the randoms under carpet swept
So I turn my home to ruins
I pry through all the walls
I hunt high and low and lo behold! Find things I now recall

Yet still so certain searching
As mounds start howling doubt
I convince myself I’ve binned it all and blithely chucked it out
And thus I sit dejected
They’re gone forever more!
I heave a sigh only to spy them lying on the floor

And that’s why I shouldn’t bother
I shouldn’t go lose my head
The things I’ve lost are beside me unless I’ve lost them for real instead.

Tomos James