A contactless current account card — something everyone has but me

Never had one.

My cousin has lent me hers to use on the tube and I didn’t know what to do with it. I found it very niffty how you just tap and walk away. It’s made me want one. I see all these people saving their seconds and here I am having to find excuses for entering my PIN. More excuses for when I’ve forgotten it.

What with my getting scammed on Wednesday, which turns out to be a non-scam but a dodgy website, meaning I’ve gone through the Natwest lectures on how not to be scammed for nothing, my card got cancelled.

The big question I had, which I don’t know if I voiced here, was would my new card be contacless?

A very prompt new card today arrives and the answer to that is ‘no’. Not contactless. Enter PIN.

So I ring Natwest. I’m like “thank you for the very prompt card, but why isn’t it contactless?”

“Are you sure it’s not contactless?” I’m asked.

I’m pretty positive.

“You sure sure, like we cherries on top?”

After a few minutes of Mr Natwest looking into things, it transpires that I’ve never been elligible for a contactless card.


“How have I not been elligible?”

He didn’t know. He just knew that I had to be elligible but I hadn’t been, and maybe now I was. It’s all automatic but clearly not.

Mr Natwest did a bit of chatting to himself — something about moving some code from somewhere to someplace — and, viola!

I’m now elligible — contactless card is on the way!

The real question I have is, having never had one, do I even want it? Will these seconds I save not entering my PIN even be noticed?

With all questions aside, I’m one of the masses! I get to focus now on standing out in other ways. No more the fool holding up the queue because he’s entered the wrong number.

Tap and go!

Doesn’t that make life bliss?

Tomos James