This bloody fool has only gone and got himself some vertigo migraine

I was sorting out a job in work, looking between paperwork, so looking down, and I was looking down for far too long. When I looked up again, the floor followed. The floor’s been following me and walls have been hugging me ever since lunch.

No nausea, though, YAY!!! — well, a slight twinge but that’s basically nothing.

Lesson learnt!


But not looking down is quite difficult when a lot of things I encounter by day and night are below my eyes. And I’m not even tall! I don’t know if vertigo knows this, or it does and its just being a little prick.

So to brighten my evening, because I’m in need of cheering up, I got myself scammed and spent over an hour on hold to Natwest getting myself un-scammed. What with BA’s troubles, and other fools like me, a little wait to be answered is absolutely fine. It’s the music for that wait which leaves little to be desired. It’s grainy and some woman warbling incoherently, and then it goes “Na-de-na-de-na-de-na” and starts again. Over and over. Enough to make you hang-up. Which I have now done. I’ll get my money back tomorrow. If not, kick off. Sorted.

There has arisen for me a slight issue, though. My card’s now been cancelled and there is something I pay via card. Something important. Something due soon. I need to go back through my statements but I’ve had enough Natwest for one evening.

Tomos James