I’m soooo tired but I’ve got so much to do! 😫😴

I’m proper sleepy tired. I’m at that level of tired where I could just cry because I’m that tired. I’m not going to because I’ve got stuff to do. Shitloads.

I had like an hour last night, 2 and a half, absolute max. Just lying there a bit riled up, nose disjointed, and in regular need of a pee. Fun times. Not so much now, though. Now, in the face of all the shit I’ve got to do, I don’t want to! I want to sleep!

A lot of what I’ve got on my list, like ironing, packing an overnight bag, and sorting out the car, could’ve been done last night. But Tomos was annoyed, and Annoyed Tomos doesn’t do shit like chores — what do I look like? A fucking mopping mug? FUCK YOU, ARESHOLE! Oh, how easy it is to get carried away.

(I’ve just realised I’m writing a post to moan I’m tired with lots of things to do when I could be doing — I’ll return once done, if I’m still awake. If I’ve fallen asleep then I’ve written all this for nothing, just more wasting time when I’ve got things to do. I’m still doing it! But I don’t want to 😫 — I’ll be right back.)

(That’s you looking at me. Yeah, I’m still here — not budged. Well, I’ve moved my fingers.)

(That’s you, again. It’s probably best to assume all these GIFs are you, since this is how I’ve chosen to waste some time.)

I’m actually going to get shit done.




I’m now free to moan I’m tired.

Proper sleepy tired.

I’m so tired I could cry but I won’t because that’s silly.

It was being rather annoyed what mostly kept me awake last night, that and a man coughing.

Considering the day I’ve had, dragging my sleepy-arse around work, I wonder if there’s a way to mute or (better yet) pause the nighttime brain.

It would be good if we could just pull out the brain and pop it on the bedside table. It can carry on as it pleases and we can sleep. Best of both worlds, that.

Knowing my luck, I’ll go to bed in a bit and be wide awake.

Tomos James