Migraine 😒

I’m sat here with another migraine.

You people are jealous.

My eyesight’s funny, tummy ain’t happy, and I feel heavy. Top heavy. Very unstable.

This one’s been in the making for 2 weeks. Since the last outburst, I’ve been mildly migrainous every day and I’m not stupid, I can read the signs. I can’t do anything about them, necessarily, but I can spot them. I can watch that shit build.

Of all the possible causes, as mentioned in previous posts, I’ve found a new one — long distance driving. I’m classifying ‘long distance’ as 4hrs+. My every trip to and from Cornwall has had a migraine shortly thereafter. This past fortnight I’ve driven to Cornwall and Devon, one each weekend. And I think it’s the concentration required, the dehydration, and the delays for no apparent reason. The journey is all roundabouts after roundabouts on single-carriageways and all this, it seems, promotes a migraine.

Now I know what I should do when signs present, rest. Well, rest is easier to say than get. Driving places, doing stuff, working — you know, living — doesn’t give time enough for rest. And migraines want rest — for days rest — actual rest. Rest can be a bit boring.

And I know I should drink lots but there’s only so much water one person can physically drink. By the afternoon of most days, I’m heading to the toilet every 15 minutes due to sheer consumption. If all this water passing through me isn’t having some effect on my hydration then my innards need to swot up on biology.

I also know, I need to eat lots. Not physically lots (I don’t want to balloon) but little and often, constantly grazing. I need breakfast, lunch, and dinner — 1 or more of these meals can get easily forgotten. But it’s hard when there’s very little interest in food. Feeling nauseous doesn’t make me want to eat, and should I eat the texture has to be just right. Too linger in the mouth and I gag, too fill it up and I’m heaving.

So to combat this migraine and get myself back into life, I’m resting, drinking, and eating.  I’ve had to cancel seeing Myles — I couldn’t go to the park — and I’m not amused, if I’m allowed an opinion.

Maybe I’m just ungrateful. These vertigo migraines go to all this trouble to make me rest, eat, and drink. And here I am wishing this migraine held a physical form so I could punch it in the throat.

Tomos James

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  2. It’s not just all that. It’s also the road glare through the windshield triggering photosensitivity. Invest in a pair of wraparound sunglasses and wear them no matter how sunnier overcast it is.


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