A weekend of refreshing rain

I’ll not lie, I enjoyed the rain. It was much needed.

I did think Saturday’s ‘thunderstorm’ could’ve done better, though. 3 pathetic whimpers and a spot of dampness. The minimum I expect from a thunderstorm is to be awed. Anything less and it’s barely enough to look out the window.

Sunday’s blustery drizzly day with the odd brief downpour was perfect. It reminded me of Autumn in Wales, and of Winter, Spring, and Summer — it rains an awful lot in Wales. I remember weeks on weeks of impenetrable drizzle. Good times.

The best thing about rainy days like Sunday is being indoors and listening to the rainfall. Can also put movies on. Snuggle up cosy.

The worst thing about such days is needing to pop out and realising your coat is in the car, and that’s a 5-minute walk away. I did get rather wet but I made the mistake of sitting in the car, and once sat I didn’t want to get back out.

According to the forecast, that’s it for rain until after the next bout of heat. It’s back to 28℃ by Friday, should feel like 32°.

I am ‘excited’ because I don’t want to wish Summer away, but excitement is very strong.

With these damn vertigo migraines, I get forced to take nausea pills. This would be fine if (a) they worked better, and/or (b) they didn’t dehydrate so expertly. They leave me with this horrible synthetic dehydration that no amount of water can quench. And the issue is: I’m already dehydrated from the heat. I don’t need more and more of it.

So the preparing for a migraine side of me is hoping for nice cool weather for ‘just in case’.

The side of me in need of colour on my skin wants more and more lovely weather.

Maybe we can strike a compromise. Cool at night? It’s kind’a the best of both worlds, I’m thinking.

Tomos James