The windscreen washer jets arrived!

Erm… what?


They look like I expected them to look but I expected more in the envelope, like instructions. But no, it’s assumed I know how to install these things. I’m a mechanic, apparently. I can do this!

It crossed my mind to research, but proper mechanics don’t need research. They know. Besides, there’s instruction aplenty on the internet for the Polo model after mine. For my model, next to nothing.

So I popped the hood.


A lot of this space I could ignore because it has nothing to do with squirting water on the windscreen.

When Leigh, the mechanic in work, was having a look a few weeks back I noticed he was doing something under the black-mat attached to the bonnet.

After removing some funny push-in clip things, I didn’t find much other than holes.


It turns out, in one of the holes, there’s a pipe.


After a few moments of finger bending and struggling, I managed to hook the end of the pipe in the rectangular hole you can see in the picture above. I’d determined, since it seemed to line up with a groove cut near the wiper that seemed a logical place for water to squirt out, that this rectangular hole was the hole I needed.

And so onto those funny looking plastic things and wondering how to attach them.

I soon realised that this side was the water-squirty-out bit:


And that the more pipe looking end attached to the pipe. It took a moment before everything was married, and I moved to do the driver’s side. (I thought I’d start with the passenger side in case I fucked it up.)

Once done, I re-clipped the mat to the bonnet.





After a bit of fiddling:



The assumption was correct, I am a mechanic! I can now change wiper blades and water-squirty washer jet things.

Tomos James