Bertie’s first ouchy

I’m 2 months into driving my very first car. (I know! I’ve kept that quiet.) And I think today was as good a day as any to misjudge my width, smack a parked car’s wing mirror, and get my own mirror dangling out like an eye popped out of its socket.


I was going about 10 mph down a residential street and would’ve had enough space had the arsehole coming towards me been a little more considerate. Unfortunately, consideration is overrated, as is my width judgment skillage, and so voila !

I didn’t know what to do so I drove to the next road, pulled in, popped it back in, and drove off. Should I have gone back and popped theirs back in? Them none the wiser besides my grubby fingerprints. But people don’t really do that, do they? Should I have written a note? I had no pen or paper. Knocked on every door? Now I’m getting ridiculous. It’s a wing mirror.

So in lieu of something, to the person who’s going to find their wing mirror out of whack tomorrow morning:

I’m sorry because you probably won’t notice until you’re in the car, but your wing mirror and I got personal. It’s just a thought, maybe fold it in when parked? I’ve noticed a lot of people do that these days, maybe it’s something to try.

This incident might learn two people a lesson.

For me, I’ve learnt that a flapping wing mirror-mirror looks like a flapping eye. Also, that I’m a couple of inches wider than I figured. Considering that for 33 years I only knew my own personal shoulder width, and then since November have been forgetting this big metal growth on my left side, I think this wee ouchy after 2 months of solo driving is pretty good going.

At least Bertie’s first ouchy didn’t require a bandage.

This evening, I have parked on the street and not folded in my wing mirror.

Yes, I do indeed give advice I don’t follow.

In my defence, I did try and fold it in but it was really stiff, and I figured anything that hard didn’t want to be folded. With that said, I sometimes struggle with doors, so I might just be weak. There’s no ‘might just be’ about it. I’ll get Shaun on the case tomorrow. He’s got brawn enough to fold a wing mirror, I’m sure.

Tomos James