A weekend neither driving nor cooking

There was a vague threat of a road trip to Nuneaton (to collect Jackie and her new lodger) but it was only vague, and I’d found myself the best parking spot, so I wasn’t moving the car for nothing.

Because living so near to Palmerston Road has its perks, this weekend was the Southsea Food Festival and so I needed to do absolutely zero cooking (as long as I ate between 10am and 5pm).

On Saturday, for breakfast, I had sweet & sour chicken on noodles. For lunch, churros. For dinner, it was a German sausage, I can’t remember which one. It’s the one I like. I know the name when I see it.

On Sunday, I had churros and then spag bol. I will confess, I did make myself a bacon sandwich.

Other than eating out at a food festival and not losing my good parking space, I got rid of the hoard of boxes I’d re-acquired, did a shit load of washing, and met a parrot. I also spent a number of hours searching for new windscreen washer jets because mine be broke. It was an unnecessarily complicated affair, and I still don’t understand why my engine size mattered. My knowing it was a 1.4 and 1390cc wasn’t good enough. It took me ages to find out the voltage and these horsepowers. I only wanted a washer jet. But eventually, I’ve bought something. I’ll find out if it’s right on Wednesday.

Tomos James