Today with that machine and a new attitude

I strolled into work this morning and right up to that machine. I looked it square in the window and said, “We’re going to have a good day today.”

I stepped to the left head and said, “You’ve only got to worry about this trolley and this side.”

I stepped to the right head and said, “You’ve only got to worry about this trolley and this side.”

I stepped back and addressed them both, “We’ve got 14 boards to go before we’re done. So, in a minute, the boards will start coming in and you both do what you’ve got’a do, and get them out. I’ll worry about what happens next — you don’t need to stress. It’s a Thursday. Just do what you got’a do. You can do it, I know you can. LET’S DO THIS!”

It was either my pep-talk or the tinkering Shaun did with the machine yesterday, but our day went just as I said it would. We had a couple of issues in the beginning, and I didn’t tell anyone that by 9 I actually had 3 boards out, on schedule. Also, these boards weren’t sabotaged. We were done before lunch — record time! If only every day could be like today.

By late afternoon, once we’d moved onto our next job, I’ll assume the machine was getting tired because it was beginning to get annoying. Dropping things. Refusing to pick things up. Saying it can’t find something when I watched it put it in the bin. BUT, I took it in my stride — I only shouted at it twice, and both times it proper deserved it.

All in all, this machine and I had a good day.

See, we can do it!

We can work together. It can do its job. I can keep my shit, not get a migraine, and save my pride.

Speaking of pride, I noticed one of the boards I’d rejected had come back from Quality this morning but with no additional information supplied. I thought to myself, this is odd considering how I’ve written on it what info I need. I know people have complained about my handwriting in the past, all of these with atrocious handwriting themselves, so maybe she couldn’t read it. Or could but didn’t want to. So I turned the tag over and wrote real big and clear exactly what info I required. It can be read from 10 foot away, give or take. I’ve plonked it obvious-like with my completed, and may I say, well-presented boards. Should I need to re-re-reject it then it’ll be hand-delivered.

It turns out, the supervisor has been nipping in quick and reworking my rejected boards. Quality hasn’t even seen them! We’re playing a game she started and she doesn’t even know I’ve made my move! Well, I’ve put a stop to that.

I suspect Lady Quality isn’t going to like the Improve The Quality Of Your Work game now it’s not her turn. Oh well, them be the rules. On her go, she played the half-arsed attempt to help me and taddle to management move. On my go, I’ve chosen to play the you should’ve helped me so I’ve rejected your work for lack of information note.

I think, of both of them, mine’s a little more in your face. It’s certainly longer lasting. It’s fortunate that I’ve employed my favourite pen because there’s no fear my hand will cramp.

Tomos James