A weekend sweltering

I don’t want to sound typically British and complain about the weather, but I would like a nice downpour to reset the air, and then we may continue with this impressive heatwave.

It’s just relentless.

On Saturday, having given myself a migraine on Friday, I didn’t get up ’til 11. Migraines proper wipe me out.

Once with the living, I picked Jackie up and took Ryan and Sam to the hospital, and I’ve decided that QA’s not my most favourite place to visit. It’s a right pain in the arse.

After dropping the kids off, we went up the hill and sat looking out over Portsmouth until we melted. As rank puddles, we went home.

On Sunday, a few hours got spent helping a mate fill out a job application endeavour — jeez, the shit they ask! And so much of it! Does someone actually sit there and read the reams and reams? Doubt it.

Mid-afternoon, I met Shaun at the allotment and we ended up at the pub. I did get a little tiddly. I felt a little rough this morning. I will say, Shaun and I need to end up at the pub more often. There’s something about having a drink with your best mate that makes life fantastic.

And now, it’s all heat heat heat.

I might go sit in the freezer.

Tomos James