Something about something that’ll help install my new car radio

For my birthday, Shaun got me a new car radio, upgrading Bertie from cassettes to USB.

In preparation for installing the radio, Shaun asked me to look up something pertinent to the task in mind. I remember it distinctly: It was yesterday, we were at work, chatting about the radio, and he told me to look up something that was must-know information. Pivotal, you could say. KEY!

Unfortunately, of all the words we used to converse, the ones I forgot were those I had to remember. I don’t know what he wants me to look up. I’m sure it has something to do with a connector. I’m sure of this because we’ll be connecting the radio to the car — bask in my powers of deduction!

So as not to disappoint, and because Shaun hasn’t answered my texts, I’ve embarked on my research blind. I’ve started with the radio in its box.

The radio itself doesn’t tell me a great deal. It’s not plugged in. It’s still in its plastic wrap. I mean, I’m not really giving it the chance to speak volumes. I’m not denying, I just don’t know how to make it happen. Well, I do, install it. I’m just hazy on the details. Foggy. You could cut it with a knife.

The included remote control also doesn’t offer much and I suppose this is because the wires for the radio are in the bag beside it. Speaking of the wires, they look like a rainbow. There’s 1 red, yellow, blue, and black. And there’s 2 green, white, grey, and purple. They all need to be skinned, or snipped, or sleeved — their plastic needs to be cut back so the wire is exposed. FFS, I had the word a minute ago.

The instruction manual dedicates a whole side of A5 to installation, and after studying it for a good 5 minutes it looks like something I’d pay someone to do. Shaun. I’ll pay Shaun to do it in beer. Well, at least that’s sorted. It was always going to happen but now it must.

Since I find myself working with niggly electrical things, and since I’ve discovered that most things electrical are ‘just because’, I’m going to assume there are different connectors for different types of cars because that makes perfect sense. Why standardise things?

Upon typing ‘install new radio polo 2004’ into Google I’ve learnt that I’ll need a harness. I’m not certain if it’s for the radio or myself. The answers in the forum I’ve perused refer to a ‘head harness’. Well, I recall fondly my days as a dominatrix but the only harnesses I used were body. Oh, and cock and ball. Anal, too, but that’s something different. I can see how a head harness might work, though, like if you want a nap. Being trussed up and whipped is tiring work.

After tweaking my search request, I now gather that ‘head’ refers to ‘radio’. So instead of, “Turn up the radio!” the correct terminology is, “Turn up the head!” This means, no head harness for my head needed! I need one for the radio. I need to put the radio in a harness, what? Why? I’m going to move on from this it’s silly.

In a forum that declares itself to be The Number 1 Home Entertainment Tech Community (AVForum), a discussion entitled ‘Adding an aftermarket head unit to a 52 reg Polo E’ caught my eye.

I figure a 52 reg is close to 53, and that ‘an aftermarket head’ is a new radio.

Amal99 asked back in 2009:

I want to add a cd/mp3/usb head unit to my 52 plate 1.2 VW Polo E. It only has 2 front speakers so I also want to add 2 rear speakers (the space for them is already present behind the door cards. Just a couple of questions though. Will the wires already be present for the rear speakers? And will I require any sort of adapter for the Sony head unit im planning on installing? Thanks!

This answers the question of why there’s no sound coming from Bertie’s rear-speakers, there probably aren’t any speakers present to make a sound. In a little side research I’ve discovered rear-speakers were an add-on back when my car was new. The hole’s there just no-one’s home.

Although ‘adaptor’ is a different word to ‘connector’, and in the realms of electrical stuff this shit matters, they’re essentially the same thing. They are same enough for me to think that this is going to answer my question.

Sean5302 replied:

The Polo 9n2 has DIN radio connectors so your Sony should be fine. Be careful about the red and yellow wires. Power via battery live or switched live. You may be surprised that you need to swap them. You will need a power supply to the bee-sting aerial amplifier. You can buy one for around £6 on the well known auction site, otherwise your radio will not find most stations.

What’ve bees got to do with anything?

Where’s the harness?

I’m going to figure ‘DIN radio connector’ is the answer to my Shaun’s query, and I’m going to let him worry about the S&M aerial stingers.


Tomos James