The car service low down

To be honest, it was a lot of me nodding my head.

I kind’a got the gist of things, I’m not stupid, and most of it I’d worked out anyway, in roundabout ways, but it’s all new. All strange. All very car mechanics, and besides getting slightly turned on by a greased up hunk in revealing coveralls, I know nothing for no-one and I’ve barely had the interest.

But now I do have the interest. I want to know something for someone. I’ve found these 2 days without a car highly inconvenient. It’s been like a part of me has been removed. Vital but not like a heart or a liver, but like muscles and bones and my ability to get around. It’s all very dramatic but I didn’t buy a car so I can walk.

To cut a long and involved story short, which is also a mundane tale new-to-you car issues, I called a recommended garage and the man had a nice phone voice. He did laugh at me when I answered his questions about the car’s last service, though. I just read out what the service booklet said and that was funny. I assume it’s ‘in’ humour.

Bertie got booked in from 8am Monday gone.

Because Shaun was concerned I’d be late to work he roped himself into taking my car to the garage because he had the day off. He bitched and moaned because he didn’t have a car to get home. Well, he should’ve kept his trap shut then.

All day passes, I call, and the car needs to stay overnight. They need to check the temperature sensor when the engine is cold in the morning.

Good old fashioned train and walking to and from work recommences — I finally got the chance to let the lady at the train station coffee shop know I’ve got a car. We’ve built a rapport over the years and I felt the need to say farewell whilst ordering an Earl Grey and bitching about the trains.

In work this morning, I walk by the office to go to the loo and Venny tells me the garage has called to say my car is ready.

I didn’t give them works number. I don’t even know works number. It goes 01329-something.

After calling in a crack team of spooks, I’m assured that Shaun gave them the number. Copnor Bridge aren’t as bad as Facebook and such with, you know, tracking things.

They did seem to recognise me, though. This is strange because I’ve never been there before. But they were very friendly. Not quite the grease-smeared hunks I’d envisioned. The opposite, in fact.

I got an overview of Bertie’s issues:

Needed a service.

I can’t start him the first time.

He taps when he’s idle.

His oil warning keeps going off when oil isn’t the issue.

And I got an overview of what they’d done:

Gave him a service.

Changed some temperature sensor — VWs have an issue with this sensor and starting up.

Renewed the oil to a VW approved oil — the car’s low mileage and age probably means the oil wasn’t as fresh as it ought to be, and it got gloopy in some hydraulic thing. The engine may have been drained, too. I’m a little hazy on the details, but at any rate, the gloop makes the tapping sound.

Changed the oil pressure sensor.

And then off I went!

I started the car first time!

He still taps but not as bad. It should improve over 3 months but if not there’s some hydraulic something that they’ve written down that I can get. I assume it’s designed to remove gloop.

I travelled a whole mile and no oil warning! WIN!

Tomos James