A weekend after a road trip​ to Wales

Heading off to Wales for 3 days was full of purpose.

It was my first proper long distance drive since buying Bertie. 190-odd miles to my father, 15 to my mother, 180-odd back. I loved every minute. Bertie’s oil warning light issue was the only, well, issue.

It was my first chance to freely travel this well-travelled route. I’ve been travelling backwards and forwards between Wales and Portsmouth for decades, and this was the first trip when I could stop when I wanted to stop. Okay, when the car decided.

It was also the first time I would see my mother since August last year. She fell out with me in the September over a tannoy in Waitrose. It was allegedly deafening. We didn’t speak until December, we haven’t spoken of our argument, and since then it’s been all fine and dandy. By ‘fine and dandy’ I mean she’s in total denial.

But most of all, it was my chance to get rid of that damn Great Wall of China tapestry! Done! Woop woop! God, I hated that thing.

So yes, full of purpose.

The whole trip to Wales went well. My night with my father was the usual movie and take-out. The 2 nights with my mother were positive and friendly. My new route back to the M4 is fantastic. It splits the journey up quite nicely.

Since returning home, but really on and off all last week, I haven’t been feeling too steady what with vertigo and nausea. So I’ve been laid out on the sofa. Not feeling better but at least I’ve got balance.

Tomos James