Driving day 24 — homeward bound

From the sunny southern coast of England to the drizzly southern valleys of Wales — it took a little longer than advertised but I made it! I’m at my father’s. Going to my mother’s tomorrow.

The drive was going great until a mile before the Membury Services, M4.

I was feeling out the name of the Polo. Feeling out the letter B. I settled on Bertram, Bertie for short, when the oil warning light came on.

I pulled into Membury thinking it odd that I didn’t have oil. Okay, so I didn’t do my checks before I left this morning, I did them after packing the car last night. I checked the oil and I was quite confident.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I topped Bertie up, he probably has too much in him now, I carried on my way, the warning light kept coming on, going off, and I think Bertie has an issue with the sensor.

Other than Bertie not liking his name (quite likely), it was a good drive.

Tomos James


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