A weekend with a car

Milestone after milestone!

Physical miles.

To Brighton, Portchester, Tesco (thrice), Shaun’s — I’ve even had my back seat down and carried a TV stand home.

My Brighton journey was a fun journey, I quite liked it — people I’ve told have thought it strange I didn’t stop in Brighton but it was pissing it down, I didn’t have a coat, and I can’t park. Besides, it was a driving run not a mooch around run.

Visiting my Aunt and Uncle at their home in Portchester finally ticks off a 2-year quest to make ‘more of an effort’. It’s easier to make the effort now. I’ve got a car.

After going to Tesco in North Harbour on Saturday, picking up 5 things and walking out, I got home and wrote a list and went to the Fratton store on Sunday. I then got home, had a cuppa, and then got asked by Shaun to pop to Tesco’s on the way to his. I parked in the same spot twice. Right up the back of the car park.

Once a few tip runs had been done, I acquired a TV stand off Shaun. We dismantled, put in the back of my car, and I drove home. It took me a little moment to put down the backseats — the seat bit swivels, which is new to me — and everything shifted when I turned my first corner, but then it was happy and I was happy. Nothing else to report.

When it comes to cornering, I do need to go slower sometimes. Most times. Not every time because sometimes I do remember. I call them ‘G-turns’. I remind myself I’m not on a rollercoaster.

With regards to parking, I have been practising my frontways and backways into bays. Parallel parking, nope. I had the opportunity to parallel park outside my Aunt & Uncle’s, and they did question why I didn’t. Well, although the space was big it was between a brand new BMW and a Mercedes. I didn’t think that was practising territory.

There is still one thing I can’t fathom…

Starting the car and making it go vroom vroom first time. Shaun can do it, my Uncle can do it, my Aunt can do it — why can’t I? I think I’m pressing the brake too hard, I’m not too certain. The thing is, I thought I’d worked this out on Friday but clearly, I haven’t.

Like I said at the beginning,

Milestone after milestone!

Tomos James