A weekend in Newcastle

Having friends and family dotted around the place gives excuses to visit. Like Kayte down in Cornwall = HOLIDAY!!! Like Jo up in London = HOLIDAY!!! Like Laura up in Newcastle = HOLIDAY!!! And so visit I have, and visiting I still am.

I don’t get up here as often as maybe I should, although Laura might disagree. Once per 18 months, more than sufficient! I quite like the sense of independence getting on a flight and being all something-or-other impressive. It’s not impressive, that’s the wrong word — the word I mean that I haven’t described, that one.

Folks at Southampton Airport must of thought me nuts on Friday because I took photos of pretty much everything airplane-related. There’s a little person I know who loves seeing these things and it’s only right to include him in everything I do. For his enjoyment, fortunately, makes it your enjoyment! Here is the plane I flew on!

A Dash Q400 — not a bad aircraft, a little flitty and fidgety. You can feel the air it travels through.

Upon landing, the weekend began with cocktails and has today escalated to battling clay-cast warriors and mummified human remains.

I also got chased by a Megalosaurus, which I thought was pretty scary.

One NEVER sees Laura without making memories.

(The warriors, mummies, and dinosaurs were at The World Museum, Liverpool. I’m sat on a train heading back to Newcastle as I type this.)

Tomos James