A weekend of Tony & Paul

Paying their old Uni home a visit, this weekend with Tony and Paul was always destined to be pub-orientated. Bonus, nice weather! And it was. There was a threat of watching football but it dodged us, or more accurately, it dodged me. It got Shaun, I don’t think Tony was happy. Paul probably didn’t care. Personally, I was ecstatic! I just don’t see this whole fascination with football. I just don’t get it. Now, rugby — their thighs!

I can watch rugby for hours.

Me, Paul, Tony — we sent this to Shaun to make him jealous (at one point, he went to watch Pompey play)

I’ve known Tony and Paul for as long as I’ve known Shaun. Way back in the day, when I was Shaun’s shadow (was, lol), they had no choice but to welcome me into their group. We’ve played a hell of a lot a pool together (I’ve even won some games) and I wouldn’t be able to guess exactly how many pints we’ve drunk. Lots, I’d say. Maybe thousands.

With life and adulthood, and like marriage and children, a lot has changed over the years, but not the fundamentals. We’re all still pub and pool. There’s still the 3 show-offs and me, determined not to get 7-balled.

On Friday, we were civilised.

On Saturday, we began civilised.

On Sunday, a few took a while to get up.

It was a great weekend, let’s do it again!


Tomos James