Used car salesmen, what I’ve discovered

There is a blasé self-seated absorption in the car salesmen I’ve come across thus far that makes me think they need to get over themselves. They sell cars, and used cars at that, not exactly a loftier position than mine. Sure, they know all about their used cars (or at least pretend to),

But can they repatriate a deceased loved one from a foreign clime?


Wait, don’t I get applause?


See, a car salesman (I’ve only come across men) requires a standing ovation. He requires a free pass — he should be able to do as he pleases because he sells used cars. He’s untouchable. Correct. I’m sure if he was measured against the Queen he’d hold a much higher socially-concocted rank. Instead of Liz on our money, it should be Ted from Used Cars 4 You.

Courtesy is only for us pathetic losers.

Now I’m told that it’s common practice to drive to the dealership to find that the car was sold 30 minutes + before you got there and no-one bothered to tell you.

They’re happy to waste our time because that’s their culture. It’s them above everyone else. Deal with it.

I find my time being wasted intolerable, and I’m allergic to bullshit, so couple these with my impatience and I’m not ‘aving it. Oh no, no way. I’m not putting up with this shit, not today.

So from now on, I’m going to spell out my interest clearly, and I’ll tell them that from our conversation, and supposing the car is as described and not a heap of shit upon viewing, that they have a sale. So when I do get to the dealership and the car has been sold 30 minutes + before I got there and no-one bothered to tell me, I’ll be giving my feedback. And as Sarah discovered on Wednesday, when we had burnt food at TGI, my feedback is blunt.

I know the car salesman who sells me my car I’ll love to Jupiter and back, probably further.

But the car salesman who wastes my time I’ll loathe with every ounce on my body, and I won’t tolerate his ‘better than me’ ideas, and I’ll tell him. I’ll chip away at his contrived pedestal and feel much better for doing it.

I’m sure there are nice car salesmen out there but so far I haven’t met any.

And so the car hunt continues!

Until success,

I’m handling it well.

Tomos James

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