Driving lesson 16 — the day before my test

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I spent last week apprehensive, to the point of giving myself a vertigo migraine, and entered this week excited. Really confident and looking forward to my test and driving etc.. Unfortunately, through excitement comes cockiness, and cockiness can bring only fuck-up.

Overall, the lesson went very well. I was attracted to the left curb and I didn’t check my left wing mirror before indicating this one time, but I reacted well to random hazards and it was all going great.

Speed control, GOOD!

Country road driving, ALRIGHT! Need to avoid the left curb and the potholes. (Reg got quite animated about the potholes. It was kind’a amusing but I thought it best to try and avoid them. Hard when some roads are just a pothole.)

Roundabouts, junctions etc, SORTED! Remember to check mirrors, though, before indicating. I got that down going right, need to remember the other side.

And then it took 5 attempts to parallel park.

By the third attempt, my buzz had gone.

By the time I succeeded,

In fairness, Reg and I have only parallel parked once before, which I did perfectly first time. So I know I can do it. And also, the road today had a slight right curve to it making it that little bit trickier. And there were cars waiting, pressure!

Once my buzz had gone and I grew convinced that tomorrow ain’t going to go well, I was no longer hugging the curb as I drove home.

It just goes to show that there’s a fine balance between excitement come cockiness and success.

Tomorrow will be what it will be, and I’ve got a good chance of passing.

I would like to pass, of course — it would be nice to be no longer enslaved by the trains — but a realistic view is of a 50/50 split in Yes/No situations. While I would like a Yes there’s the chance for a No, and it’s best to prepare for both.

Tomorrow, to celebrate

I’ll be heading off to see Myles. I didn’t see him last week because of the vertigo so we have a rail network in desperate need of management. Once Shaun has got home from work, we’re off to the pub for a pint. I’ve already told him.

Tomorrow, to commiserate

I’ll be heading off to see Myles. There’s a rail network in desperate need of management. Once Shaun’s home, pub. Again, told him.

Tonight, to prepare

I’ve got Hawai’i 5-0 to watch. It’s been on my TV for a couple of weeks now, 8 seasons takes a while to get through. The show is corny and I’m rarely paying it much attention, but that McGarrett character is HOT! He is topless often enough to warrant my unwavering dedication.


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