Driving lesson 15 — test routes

One moment…


With this looming prospect of driving looming like something quite luminous, Reg sent us on a jolly along test routes.

In all, not a bad drive although I was a little distracted. I wasn’t wandering off into mindless random thought, but there were lots of lane changes and an irritating glare in the sky. I don’t want to criticise the sun because it is quite an alien thing, but it does like to get itself into an annoying position.

When it comes to following directions, I’m so-so. I’m so-so regardless so this was sheer perfection.

When it comes to roundabouts, I’m alright with those. I might get myself a bit muddled but for the majority of them, I’m okay. I get around them, I don’t kill anyone, sorted.

When it comes to junctions, I’m alright with those. I might turn right instead of going straight on, but I turn right correctly and that’s what’s important.

When it comes to speed signs, I’m now actively looking for those. I did misjudge one and had to use the brake to get from 40 to 30, but all the other ones I noticed fine.

When it comes to dual carriageways, I’m alright once I’m on them, I can get off them, I just don’t like getting on. It’s big lorries. I don’t like big lorries. I just need to remember to put my foot down and look over my shoulder. Apparently, it’s okay to go faster than the speed limit to get ahead of a car because I can control my speed once I’m on (???). It’s just another thing that makes joining dual carriageways opposite to everything else.

Overall, I can drive and so if I fail it’s because of some silly thing.

I’d like it to be Friday next week already because then my test would be done with, I’d have passed, and I’d have got Shaun on the car finding case. The poor bloke doesn’t realise just how much help he has to give me. I don’t even know petrol pumps.

Well, you don’t need to if you walk everywhere.

Tomos James