Driving lesson 12 — in 300 yards, take the exit

20 minutes of my driving test will be following a sat nav, so today that’s what we did. From Southsea to Cowplain. The lady tried to send us the wrong direction but it’s lucky we knew where we were going. She also ignored roundabouts, and didn’t tell us some directions until after we’d gone that way! She wouldn’t have been very helpful if we were lost!

Reg says that sat navs shouldn’t be blindly followed, and his sat nav proves exactly why.

Another part of my test is being asked to show where things are in the car. Reg asked for the rear demister. I showed him the rear windscreen washer. I might need to swot up…

The reality of passing my test and driving unsupervised is becoming real. Very real. Nerve racking real. Thrilling.

This just needs to get done!

Tomos James