A weekend to prune & apricot

The apricot has nothing to do with this weekend, other than being in the photo, because I didn’t get into all those baths to apricot. I pruned. I went all wrinkly like, like a prune. There’s an argument that I could’ve found a photo of a prune minus the apricot. I could’ve. I didn’t.

Anyway, the delights of hot water made my weekend.

Deep hot baths. Lots of them.

With bubbles, obvs.

I’ve missed my bath.

I sound like I haven’t had one in decades, it was only 9 days without a boiler.

In other news, I spent Saturday morning in the hospital with Jackie. She had an appointment and I had nothing better to do than wait in a waiting room. Saw a rather hot doctor. Married, at least according to his ring finger. They’re always married! Always straight, too.

On Sunday, after speaking with my mother, I had a bath. Not because I felt filthy, it was mothers day so I came across nice, but because I had hot water and could.

I’ve never been so clean!

Tomos James


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