The Xenomorphs from Alien are real!!!

Those hideous 2 jaw’d aliens from the Alien movie franchise aren’t as fictional as you might think.

We might be a couple of years off real-life scenes like this:

But in our oceans are creatures with 2 jaws just like those Xenomorph aliens, 1 inside the other.

These creatures lurk in crevices and they’re not the prettiest of things.


The moray eel.

They have a jaw you can see and a jaw you can’t until it’s too late.

Located in their throats, this second (or pharyngeal) jaw, shoots forward to drag their prey in.

The Smithsonian has been kind enough to make a GIF.

So as you can see, we’re a couple of years off real-life scenes from Alien but I think this octopus sums things up well…

Tomos James