Virgin Media, still with the great customer service NOT — want something done? Go through to complaints

0800 408 9340

After my blog post on the 1st in which I described my continued frustration with the Virgin Media ‘you’ve changed your account so we’re calling to confirm’ team who call and call and call and so I was going to answer and make them stop, they never again called.

Until today.

They’re now making up for lost time.

Upping their game by calling from a second number, too.

0800 183 6403

When I called the number back I got a voice saying it’s the sales team and they’ll call back again.

1) It doesn’t want to be.

2) They don’t wanna.

In the spirit of answering phone calls, since they do call when I’m not near my phone, I answered their 18:10 call.

Silence followed shortly by the dial-tone. They didn’t even speak. All I’d said was “Hello.”


But it does transpire that I do need to speak with Virgin Media because they haven’t sent my new wi-fi box.

So I decide to call.

Apparently, they can’t order until the end of March, so I need to call back. I asked why I was told it was ordered when it wasn’t (I have a little dig because it’s pretty much been a month of lies from them). I say that I shouldn’t need to call back, they should do as they say. I’m told to call 0800 408 9340 to find out why it wasn’t ordered. I begin to explain that I can’t because it doesn’t accept incoming calls, it’s just a voice that hangs up on you after its spoken, but I get told I should stop being an idiot and call.

I say, “Excuse me? Pass me through to your supervisor.”

He ignores my request and tells me to call the number.

I repeat, “Supervisor.”

He gets angry, tells me that that’s not going to happen, and slams the phone down.

Well, you can probably imagine my face when I call back.

By luck of fingers, I get through to the ‘I’m leaving’ line.

I begin by, “I’m unamused.” I tell the whole sordid tale.

She’s put my account in her diary so she can order the box once the system allows her. She said it will be ordered on the 26th and that I’d get a confirmation e-mail.

That wasn’t difficult and this is turning into an awful lot of chances for Virgin Media.

I mean this with all due respect, if they were a dog I’d put them down.

Tomos James