A weekend to thaw

From frozen toothpaste to frozen sink drain pipes, not having a boiler and warmth has caused issues. Although the snow buggered off on Saturday, I didn’t get my sinks back until Sunday and my toothpaste is still bloody cold.

That’s a slight lie. My sinks did drain on Saturday, and I tested, and everything seemed clear until I turned the washing machine on. Fortunately, I hadn’t gone out. Had I gone out with the washing machine on then I would’ve returned to a flood. As it stood, my quick reactions still saw Dave downstairs throw his toys out of the pram.


Barely, Dave.

Dave, shut up.


God, he irks me.

And then I’ve had people changing their tune. The sun now shines out my backside, apparently. Well, I fucking knew that honey; how else do you think daylight occurs? Magic?

All in all, this weekend has found me rankled.

Before I forget, I did make a snowman on Friday. He was decapitated come Saturday. I blame the thaw but knowing the area it was probably some spoilsport.

Tomos James