Driving lesson 10 — country rooooooad take me home 🎶

Last weeks lesson was cancelled because some guy went into the back of Reg’s car. Through reasons of not paying attention and vertigo migraine, I completely forgot he’d rearranged our lesson for today. At 730 this morning, I suddenly had a thought to check and lo and behold, 1230 this afternoon. That would’ve been quite a surprise at lunchtime!

I’m not certain where we went, but we drove out of Fareham and went down winding country roads. We had to avoid potholes and go round blind corners.

In a little village, he asked me to pull up on the other side of the ride. I then reversed back to peep and creep ourselves out.

Overall, he said it was a very good drive.

I would’ve failed, though, if it was my test because I was doing 39 in a 30 at one point.

It’s not that I intend to speed it’s just that it’s very easy to speed, and it doesn’t help when the signposts aren’t spotted.

I need to spot the signposts. I can spot the direction ones and hazard ones, but the speed ones I’m blind to.

I’m also attracted to the left curb, especially when it’s engorged and sticks out.

So it’s (1) spot signposts, (2) dumb the curb, and (3) watch my speed.


Tomos James