A weekend of the serious and not so serious

To celebrate being awarded The Sunshine Blogger Award, I bought a new TV. It’s a smart TV. I wouldn’t say it was intelligent. But I thought since it would turn on once I’ve pushed the button that it would be a marked improvement.

It is.

I’ve got rid of the Virgin TV box, I’ve kept the internet, and I’ve set it all up so I don’t miss my shows. Aircrash Investigation and — er — well, that’s about it.

With a new TV, I thought, “Woo, I’ll change my living room around.” I would’ve preferred achieving this without slicing my finger open on a nail. It’s not a deep cut but it was a bleeder and it’s a flappy wound. Although to cut a finger isn’t a big deal, the amount of blood it pissed out and got on everything doubled the length of time I was doing this chore ’cause I had to clean it up!

(I don’t know why this is such a scandal. I feel very scandalised right now.)

On Friday afternoon, although I found out Saturday, my mother was heading to work from a funeral when a man in another car t-boned her. He went into the driver’s side. Her car is a write-off. She had to be cut out of it.

Once at the hospital, she was placed into Intensive Care and then moved down to a High Dependency Unit. She has since been moved down to another ward, (heading in the right direction), and depending on the results of an X-Ray and Scan, she could be discharged in the next few days.

Cracked sternum. Collapsed lung. Battered and dazed.

The doctors have said that my mother owes her life to her seatbelt and airbags.

So the valuable point proved here is…


My mother could be dead right now if she hadn’t.

Be safe folks!


Tomos James

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