The Sunshine Blogger Award

Well, I’m dressed in my best — it’s awards season! And the award I’m receiving is a little more prestigious than the Oscars.

Just a tad.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

(The last time I checked, the sun is HOT!)

This award is given to bloggers by bloggers for bringing sunshine, positivity, and creativity to their readers’ lives.

Well, I’ve often been told that I’m a little ray of sunshine. Shining from my backside but a ray is still a ray, warm and bright.

To get to the venue in style, I’ve hired a limousine. I couldn’t afford a fancy celebrity limo, or more accurately, didn’t want to, so I’ve got one of those party ones. Champagne, balloons, a steaming stripper (he was on offer and I thought, ‘why not!’)

I must confess, limousines are just like big cars with strippers in them. Not really all that fancy. I didn’t expect the sticky seats.

Thankfully, after a lapdance that wasn’t better with the stripper crying, I’ve arrived at a red carpet crazy thick with paparazzi and screaming fans. I step out. I’m mobbed but I’m alright, I take it in my stride. I sign a few autographs. I name a baby. I have to turn down 9 marriage proposals. 4 of which due to gender. Another 4 due to ‘In your dreams’. The last because of ‘I’ve been there, done that, and I think they call this irony’.

It isn’t long before I’m mingling with the famous in the foyer. It’s my shame that they know me by name and I have trouble placing theirs. Whats-her-face, that singer, she sings that song I like — we’re going to be great pals, her and I. And you know whats-his-name off that film, Oh Wotsit Called — the World is in danger and he saves it — well, he wants some. Might give it, not certain. Gon’a act coy.

Of course, champagne is flowing — it gets me a bit tiddly so I savour my fifth(-teenth *hic) — and there are little trayed nibbles going around that are great for nibbling. I want for nothing. Actually, I want a little more of that last bite of something… delicious!

While stuffing my face, having stolen a tray, we’re called into the theatre. The word ‘theatre’ makes it sound like some two-bit dive when it isn’t. It’s the right amount of golden glittered sunlight to make it the sun itself. To really get the feel you have to be here with sunglasses because it’s very bright and very beautiful.

The ceremony starts. The room is electric. The host is a comedian trying too hard. The spirit, brimming. My name is called — I take to the podium, to applause and roars like thunder! It fills my chest and maybe replaces my heart for a few moments.

Oh my god, I can’t believe it! Me, standing up here!! Ha ha — I should do a runner before you realise your mistake.

There’s an explosion of laughter because there is no mistake.

I just can’t believe it, ME! Ha ha! This is crazy.

I couldn’t have done it without you. And I couldn’t have got here without a nomination from the great Yuulye of A Qoder Blog — where is he?

Stand up, lad!

Yuulye stands to a roar of appreciation.

Thank you so very much!



At the press conference after the ceremony, I’m asked:

“What can I call you? Your real or internet name.”

Tom, although I answer to ‘most anything.

“What does it mean?”

Well, Tom is short for Tomos (pronounced Tomos[trich]), which is the Welsh version of Thomas, and it means twin.

“What is your site name?”

‘Tomos James’ with the tagline ‘This me I be’.

“What does it mean?”

In all honesty, my blog got its name so it had one. It came to be when I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know who this blog was, and so I called it Me. It makes sense since that’s all I’ve been talking about.

“What is your blog description?”



??? — question marks.

I can’t describe what I don’t know, unfortunately. I try but I hit a wall.

“How important is it for you to have a blog description?”

Well, it would be nice to have one — it would give things a little sense of direction.

“When did you start blogging?”

2015, properly. Lol, ‘properly’ — I’ve not once known what I’ve been doing.

“What kind of content do you like to read on a blog? (Music, humour, religion, tech, tips, or something like that with an explanation.)”

I’m a floozy when it comes to everything in my life, so I’ll dabble in anything. I like to learn stuff, I like to laugh. The only thing I have absolutely no interest in is gaming. Shoot-em-up games, footballing games — I like Mario Kart and Theme Hospital. I don’t win at anything else.

“What does like mean to you?”

I agree and/or enjoyed it, and I acknowledge what I have seen.

“What does comment mean to you?”

I’ve got something to say.

“Create a question of your own and answer it!”

Who is my Sunshine Blogger?

Faith L. of GODVSDEPRESSION because you are a steady ray of light when things aren’t stable.

I’m meant to ask you a few questions, but I’d rather you spend the time doing something for yourself. I’m not particular on what you do but I would like you to enjoy it. I suppose, in lieu of questions you get an assignment.

Faith, do something you love because you deserve it!


The fine print of this Award

To be a Sunshine Blogger Awardee one must:

Write an acceptance post that links back to the blogger who awarded you. If they asked you any questions, answer them.

Choose your own sun-giver(s) to award by linking them into your post. You can ask them a few questions of your own if you like.

It’s true, this Award isn’t that far removed from a Facebook ‘fun answer questions’ post that’s about as fun as pissing yourself. BUT, unlike those Facebook posts, this is an AWARD! Who doesn’t like getting an award?

Personally, I love them!


Thank you, again, Yuulye!

And thank you to all of you at home!

My love always,

Tom xx



Tomos James

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