Driving lesson 9 — turn in the road

Although no longer a part of the driving test, a turn in the road remains vital.

There could be a downed tree up head.

An ambulance.

Since I’m in Portsmouth, maybe a brawl.

Either way, there’ll likely be a time when I’m heading down a road and “Ah shit, I need to head the other way!”

And you’ll never guess what, that’s exactly what happened today!

We ended up on a dead-end street.

What rotten luck!

Now I recall this manoeuvre from when I was learning to drive back when I was 17.

It’s a bit like this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.05.35

According to Reg, I’m quite good at it.

Well, I have been Go Karting and got myself into situations that require this kind of manoeuvre.

We turned around, turned around, turned around, and then drove off.

We headed towards Canoe Lake carpark to pull frontways into a bay a few times. There was a fellow learner learning the same. They had cones, though, and his instructor wore a funny hat. I said to Reg that he should get himself one of those.

Once done, we took a jolly through Eastney, Fratton, and Old Portsmouth — some people have a death wish on the road! A lady pushed her buggy into the road without looking. A man pulled out of a junction like as if he was being chased by the police. And loads of cheap cars without indicators.

And then I got home.

I just want to drive!!!

I’ve decided to keep my driving test as booked on April 12th and not look for a cancellation.

The rate this year is going, April will soon be here, and I think the practice will do me good.

I make silly mistakes, mainly speed management or misjudging, and I notice straightaway so that helps my practising turning perfect.

I have also decided, once I’ve passed, I’m going to do that pass plus thing. My cousin Alex did it and it seems like a sensible idea.

Check me out and all my decisions!

I’m getting good.


Tomos James

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