A weekend that passed by quickly

Maybe because I went to work on Friday and my weekend is the regular length again, I just found it whizzed by exceptionally quick!


No, I’m going to get this!

On Saturday, what did I do?

Clean! How could I forget?! Bleach and all sorts.

On Sunday, 2 trips into town and then Kayte visited.

And that’s the weekend gone!

I have realised that it’s mother’s day soon. Not certain how I feel about this considering recent months. For Jeff and father’s day last year (after his little gallivant) I told him he didn’t deserve a day and that was that. I doubt this would work with my mother, though.

I did hear a rushing businessman fall crack on the pavement this morning, tripped over the curb (I gather from his language). But this is more of a Monday story, not a weekend story. It’s now not much of a story since I’ve basically told it.

I bought a memory foam mattress topper and now sleeping in bed is uphill. It’s very odd. It’s like not all of me is touching the mattress, but parts with bits sticking up.


I lead a very eventful life.


If I’m honest, I put it off and then forgot.

I’ve just remembered.

Tomos James

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