Working back in Fareham, this time in a factory

I woke up at 8 this morning.

This is a lie-in considering I’ve been out the door by 06:30 since Tuesday.

I got to start late on Monday because Shaun wanted the staff to settle down first. Presumably, because I’m such a whirlwind. I can serve as quite a distraction.

It’s been a long week but I have to hand it to its days, they’ve passed quick.

Also, on Fridays, we finish at lunchtime.

There has been much repetition during my factory working day.

They don’t deal in 1s or 2s, its 10s and 100s.

Shrink-wrapping wiry things.

Packing up wiry things.

Building wiry things.

Drilling things with like things in it.

Falling out with a ‘speed printer’ because it’s got issues.

I don’t really understand the lingo.

I don’t really know what I’m doing.

It’s all a little

But I can bumble through.

I’m quite efficient, too.

It’s my efficiency that’s seen me be a floozy.

And this is good because the whole point is to train up so I can help Shaun out when he needs it.

They occasionally have a rush on and I thought, maybe selfishly, since my future involves many pies, I could step in so we could still go to the pub.

I have to note that I’m getting up super early easily.

Early mornings are not me.

I think they’re illegal.

But at 05:58 my first alarm goes off, and I’m soon out the door with no problem.

I catch my train which gets me to Fareham late.

I repeat my former route.

I pass my old Co-op funeral home an hour earlier than I once struggled to arrive.

I make it in time to start at 8.

I then repeat the route home.

I pass the Co-op at 16:50 and on Monday I thought I saw Janis. If it wasn’t her then that poor lady was unfortunate.

I catch the delayed train.

I get in the door.

And I believe all this ease is Shaun.

When I had to get to the Co-op it was to spend a day with someone quite irritating, quite self-absorbed.

Now I’m spending a day with my boy. I don’t really see him but he’s there.

I need to say, though, to the Co-op:

A gif of many words.

As I pass the branch where my mind unravelled, 2 years later and look at me: I’m so far removed. I’ve got an idea of where I’m heading. For the first time, I kind’a know what I’m doing. And most of all, I’m free.

I don’t know how long I’ll be working at Shaun’s factory but I don’t see myself having much of a problem.

Like I’ve said, it’s good to train up because then I can help my brother out.

On Monday I’m building something. I don’t know what it is but it’ll make the time go quick and I doubt I’ll mind doing it. I quite like building things. It’s all a lot like Ikea furniture but with wires, and I’ve always enjoyed doing that sort of stuff.

All in all, not a bad first week.

The trains have been as I’d anticipated, and for their tardiness I’m making note.

In a few weeks I’ll hold enough evidence to recommence my war.

I hate unnecessarily delayed trains.

If I can make it to the station on time, so can they.

Tomos James

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